Earth then and now over the years caught by NASA


There are some photos found in the  NASA’s website showing the changes on earth made by human interference. The changes  happened anywhere from 5 to 100 years ago. Some of the photos are shocking and other’s make you sad.

1. Pedersen Glacier, Alaska. Summer, 1917 — summer, 2005

Pedersen Glacier, Alaska
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Pederson Glacier Alaska is a barren, bleak land covered with ice and snow. But 88 years later, the same desolate land sees  astounding transformations.  The land is covered with green, fresh grass. But the drastic change is seen in the mountains. While 1917 saw the mountains eclipsed in fog, 2005 clearly shows all the  peaks of the mountains including what lies behind the mountain range.

2. Aral Sea, Central Asia August 2000 — August 2014

Aral Sea, Central Asia
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We see the devastating effects of man’s hand in the shrinking levels of water in the Aral Sea. s. Once the fourth largest lake, the Aral sea begun to dry up after its water source was diverted for other purposes.

 3. Carroll Glacier, Alaska. August 1906 — September 2003

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Carroll Glacier is a 15-mile long glacier. A placid lake extends right to the tip of a small hillock, snows cover the hills and the banks. But come 2003  the large lake has retreated to become a small stagnant pool. The snows  have melted. Vegetation engulfs the rocky boulders.

4. Powell Lake, Arizona, and Utah. March 1999 — May 2014

Powell Lake, Arizona and Utah
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The Second largest man-made reservoir and a popular vacation spot. the unchecked withdrawal of water has shrunk the lake drastically.

5. Bear Glacier, Alaska. July 1909 — August 2005

Bear Glacier, Alaska
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A stark and rugged glacier of  water, ice and mountains. It has now become a major tourist spot with its scenic beauty and massive icebergs floating on the glaciers.

6. Forests in Rondonia, Brazil. June 1975 — August 2009

Forests in Rondonia, Brazil
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We have read about forest erosion  and effects of  rampant tree felling in school but the chilling photos of Rondonia’s forest brings home the stunning truth as the land once covered with thick foliage of trees are now shorn of green cover.

7. McCarty Glacier, Alaska. July, 1909 — August, 2004

McCarty Glacier, Alaska
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A tidewater glacier, McCarty Glacier has retreated approximately 20km between the period of the pictures.

8. The Dasht River, Pakistan, August, 1999 — June, 2011. 

The Dasht River, Pakistan,
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The Dasht River is prone to flooding during the rainfall. Mirani Dam built across Dasht utilizes excess water by supplying clean drinking water and power in the surrounding areas. The water is also used for irrigation purpose.

9. Matterhorn Mountain  August 1960 — August 2005.

Matterhorn Mountain in the Alps
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The tenth highest mountain in Switzerland. Matterhorn with its Pyramid like peak has not proven immune to the ravages of human in earth attention.

10. Mabira Forest, Uganda. November 2001 — January 2006.

Mabira Forest, Uganda
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There are no half measures when a man sets out on his mission.  The rain forest protected by the government has actually increased in area. One good example of preservation that paid off handsomely.

11. Toboggan Glacier, Alaska. June 1909 — September 2000.

Toboggan Glacier, Alaska.
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A glacier of ice, snow and lonely bare hillocks has become a big lake with green hillocks . The glacier has almost disappeared.

12. Great Man-Made River, Libya, April 1987 — April 2010. 

Great Man-Made River, Libya
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The  greatest engineering feat devised and achieved by humans on earth. The manmade river of pipes, wells and aqueducts provide waterfor drinking and agriculture in the desert.

13. Qori Kalis Glacier, Peru. July 1978 — July 2011.

Qori Kalis Glacier
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Qori Kalis Glacier is one of the few tropical glaciers. A study in 2007 revealed that the ice has melted by almost 50% since 1963 when it was last measured

14. Mar Chiquita Lake, Argentina. July 1998. — September 2011.

Mar Chiquita Lake, Argentina
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One among the largest saline water lake Mar Chiquita has seen a steady  decrease of its water body. Will the lake regain its water body?

15.Muir Glacier, Alaska. August 1941 — August 2004.

Muir Glacier, Alaska.
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A long stretch of hard snow has completely melted to form a lake. The land has changed from a bleak snowy region into a verdant green land with the growth of plants and outcrops in the mountains

16.Uruguay Forests, March, 1975 — February, 2009.

Uruguay Forests
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A forested area of 45,000 hectares has been expanded up to 900,000 hectares.The consequent controlled expansion has divested the forest of diverse animal and plant species.