30 Facts About Hayes Grier

Everybody in the world seems to have heard of the name “Hayes Grier.” And they should. With 5.8 million Instagram followers and 3.8 million scrolling his Twitter feed, this 17-year old influencer has grown up under the watchful eye of the world. His life is an open book. His Twitter and Instagram capturing his every thought and move. You probably think you know everything there is to know about Hayes Grier. However, we have 30 facts about the internet celebrity star that will blow your mind.

1. His Oldest Brother is a QB for WVU

One attribute that attracts people to Hayes Grier is his tight-knit bond with his family. They are ever-present all throughout his social media accounts. His oldest brother’s name is Will. The 22-year old, father of one is a quarterback for West Virginia University.

2. His Other Brother is a Huge Internet Star Too

The man that Hayes dubbed his “role model,” Nash Grier has also made a name for himself on the internet. His Twitter account boasts over 6.1 million followers while is Instagram sits at 10 million and counting..

3. Hayes Was the Youngest Male Contest on Dancing with the Stars

Grier joined the 21st season cast of the popular ABC dance competition. Hayes was paired up with Emma Slater. Together they made it to Week 7 of the show. Hayes was eliminated on October 26, placing him at 8th in the competition. Sadly, the host quipped that Hayes was “leaving on a night when he excelled.”

4. He Stars in a Hulu Original

With cord-cutting becoming a common practice for millennials, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have been pumping out more and more original content. On October 10, 2016, Hulu debuted its latest endeavor, Freakish. Hayes stars alongside other internet celebrities such as Aislinn Paul and Liza Koshy. Together they play a group of high school students who are trapped in their school following the explosion of a nearby chemical plant. Due to the explosion, town locals and other students begin mutating into freaks. In May of 2017, Freakish was picked up for another season by Hulu.

5. Hayes Was Involved in a Dirt Bike Accident

The hashtag, #PrayforHayes was trending worldwide on July 28, 2016. The reason for this was that Hayes’ brother-slash-role model tweeted the phrase out alongside a tweet announcing that his brother had been in a dirt bike accident. Luckily, Hayes had mostly superficial wounds. Although, he did also suffer a concussion, two fractured ribs, and a bruised lung. Hayes was released from the hospital two days following his accident.

6. His First Big Break Came From Vine

Not too long ago, six second videos were all the rage. Vine was the hot new app, and on April 15, 2013, Hayes Grier posted his first Vine video. From then on, the world fell in love with him as he gobbled up French fries, slid down escalators, and smelled his own farts.

7. He Has His Own Reality Show

Much like he rose to fame by using his internet savvy, Hayes Grier’s reality show is exclusive to Verizon Communications’ live streaming app, go90. The docuseries, Top Grier, follows the then-16-year-old as he ventures back home to Mooreseville, North Carolina so he could work on a farm. The series spans over 12 episodes.

8. Hayes Grier is a Published Author

In November of 2016, the internet star released his first novel, which was titled, Hollywood Days with Hayes. The plot follows Hayes as he makes his first big break in Hollywood. He is paired up with an assistant, Violet Reeves, who is to watch his every move. However, Ms. Reeves is also an aspiring writer who is looking to get her foot through the door with this Hayes Grier production. The only problem is that Violet finds herself falling for Hayes, making it harder to keep the star in line.

9. His Pet Dog, Zan, Is Everything

If you follow Hayes Grier on social media, you are probably following Zan’s every move too. There is no doubt that Hayes loves his pooch. So much so that when a fan asked him, “Cats or dogs,” the internet star simply tweeted, “Zan.”

10. Hayes is a Member of Magcon

Magcon is a group of male internet sensations between the ages of 15 and 19. They travel around the world meeting their fans. Other members of the group include Hayes’ brother, Nash, Cameron Dallas, Matt Espinosa, Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, DJ Mahogany *LOX*, Bart Bordelon, and Shawn Mendes. Shawn is best known for his hit radio song, “Stitches.”

11. His Favorite Colors Are Not The Crayon He Would Choose to Be

Hayes’ favorite colors are pretty typical of any teenage boy- red and blue. However, if he were to place himself inside a crayon box, those would not be the colors he would chose to be. Thinking outside the box, Hayes said that he would prefer to be the yellow crayon. Hayes feels that amongst all the other crayons, yellow stands out the most.

12. Hayes is a Duel Athlete

Much like he followed Nash’s footsteps into internet superstardom, Hayes also follows his oldest brother’s strides as well. Donning the same number jersey as Will, #7, Hayes too played quarterback. Not only did Hayes toss around the pigskin for Davidson High School, but he also played lacrosse.

13. His Favorite Clothing Brand is Ralph Lauren

Although he has a contract with Tommy Hilfiger, Hayes has gone on record to say that Ralph Lauren is his brand of choice.

14. He Won’t Date Tall Girls

Hayes isn’t exactly short. Standing at 5’9,” the heartthrob can’t imagine dating someone his height or taller. He stated that he prefers short girls.

15. He is a Thrillseeker

If you couldn’t deduct it from his dirt bike accident, Hayes likes to live on the wild side. He spends his free time traveling the globe snowboarding, jet skiing, and going to amusement parks.

16. He Has Millions of YouTube Views

Many have grown accustomed to seeing Hayes in short spurts thanks to Vine and short Instagram stories. However, you can catch Hayes in longer form on his YouTube Channel. His page has over 918,000 subscribers and counting. Cumulatively, his videos have been viewed in digits passing the million mark.

17. Hayes Has Had to Use a #NotaRacist Tag

Hayes has caused some controversy in some of his videos. For one, he spoke in an Asian tone and garbled up noises to pretend he was speaking an Asian dialect. His brother, Nash, has received criticism in the past as well for having culturally insensitive videos that borderline misogynistic and homophobic. To counteract these claims, the Grier boys have been known to tweet out the hashtag, #NotaRacist a time or two. The Griers insist they mean no harm and are just trying to entertain their fans through comedic efforts.

18. He Reads 2-3 Books a Day

Hayes loves to read, which is why he was inspired to pen his own novel. Fueling his love for writing, the internet star indulges in 2 to 3 books daily.

19. His Favorite Animal is a Tiger

Although Zan has the number 1 one spot in Hayes’ heart, he has a soft spot for felines too. Hayes openly stated that his favorite animal is indeed a tiger.

20. His Favorite Number is 7

As you can tell, the number 7 has a significant impact on the Grier family. Not only has the eldest brother, Will, found success touting that number, so has Hayes.

21. Hayes Superpower of Choice Would Be Super-Speed

As you can tell from his Instagram, Hayes Grier is always on the go. Whether it be relaxing with family or filming more content, Hayes needs to be in a lot of different places, and sometimes at the same time! So if he had the ability to speed up the process, he would jump at the chance in a heartbeat. Moving at super-speed is a power that Hayes really desires.

22. You Can Find Him on Multiple Snapchats

Just like Vine blew up a few years ago, Snapchat has become the new it app for social media. The fact that your stories disappear after a couple of hours and the warnings the app gives you if some screenshots your content has made Snapchat a favorite for millennials. If you are looking to catch Hayes in real-time, follow one of his three accounts. They are:

  • thehayesgrier3
  • thhayesgrier
  • yaboyhayesg

23. Hayes Was Born in New York

Thanks to Top Grier on the go90 app, many people associate Hayes Grier with Mooresville, North Carolina. After all, that’s where the internet star lived most of his life. However, he was born in New York. The Grier family moved to North Carolina not long after his birth.

24. He Loves Country Music

He is a southern boy, after all. Hayes loves to listen country music.

25. His Favorite Place is California

As much as Hayes loves North Carolina, he loves to get away to the beautiful weather of California. The perfect day for Hayes involves being underneath a warm sun.

26. He Has a Red Pennyboard

As we already mentioned, Hayes loves to seek out adventure. One of his trusty sidekicks is his red pennyboard. You can see many videos of him skateboarding around with friends.

27. He Almost influenced the NBA All-Star Game

NBA star Zaza Pachulia is a 13 year veteran who had yet to see an NBA All-Star Game. Thinking his career was washing up, Pachulia was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. It was here, the basketball star had a breakout season. However, it was not good enough to get him automatically into the NBA All-Star Game. Stars like Wycef Jean pushed for fans to vote for Zaza. However, the biggest groundswell came from Hayes, who tweeted out, “Tweet the hashtag with “Zaza Pachulia” and I’ll be liking and following you and your tweets!!” He folowed up with, “Make sure you put his last name! Zaza Pachulia.”

With Hayes’ influence, Zaza gained 10,000 votes. Yet it was not enough to reach the 15,000 needed to join the All-Star team.

28. His Net Worth is Over $1 Million

His deals with Verizon and Hulu alone make him some considerable money. When you add in the advertisers to his YouTube channel, contracts with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, and social media influence Hayes has upward of $1 million.

29. His Celebrity Crushes are Kate Upton and Ariana Grande

These understandable and self-explanatory.

30. He Has a Clothing Line

Hayes partnered with his brother, Nash, as well as his friends, Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds to create a new line for Aeropostale. The name of the line is  United XXVI.